Welcome to our webpage dedicated to the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield, the most innovative and personalized solution for your neck protection during medical, dental x-ray or mammography procedures. This amazing product offers state-of-the-art 0.5mm pb protection and it is the only one in the market that can be customized with your choice of text, font, and thread color. This makes it not only a reliable piece of equipment but also a unique and attractive accessory that stands out from traditional plain thyroid collars.

The Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield is a must-have for anyone concerned about the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. The thyroid is a particularly vulnerable organ that can suffer irreversible damage from exposure. That’s why wearing a lead-lined collar is a standard safety measure. However, generic collars can be uncomfortable, unflattering, and easily mixed up with others. With the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. You can choose your preferred wording, such as your name, profession, specialty, motto or logo, and have it beautifully embroidered on the collar in a way that reflects your personality and brand. Plus, you can order it online, and have it shipped to your doorstep in no time.

How does the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield work?

The Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield is a custom-made radiation protection collar that contains lead (pb), a material that can block the penetration of x-ray beams. The lead is encased in a soft, lightweight, and breathable cover, that can be embroidered with personalized text. The collar is designed to fit snugly around the neck, below the chin, and above the clavicles, covering the thyroid gland. The collar is held in place with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to fit different sizes. When worn properly, the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield can reduce the exposure of the thyroid to x-rays by up to 95%.

Who can benefit from using the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield?

Anyone who needs to undergo medical, dental, or mammography x-ray exposure can benefit from using the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield. This includes but is not limited to radiologists, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, mammography technicians, oncologists, endocrinologists, nuclear medicine technologists, veterinarians, and hospital staff. Also, patients who receive thyroid scans, neck CT scans, or head and neck radiation therapy, can use the collar to shield their thyroid gland. The Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield is ideal for professionals who want to personalize their workwear and distinguish themselves from others, while enhancing their safety and comfort.

Little-known Fact: Did you know that custom embroidery can be added to radiation protection attire? One such item is the Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar, which provides protection during medical, dental, and mammography x-rays. This collar is not only functional in protecting the thyroid gland from radiation exposure, but it can also be personalized with custom embroidery.

Adding custom embroidery to radiation protection attire not only adds a unique touch, but it also has practical benefits. For example, it can help staff members easily identify which shield belongs to them, reducing the risk of mix-ups in a busy medical setting. Additionally, embroidery can also provide a sense of ownership and individuality, which can be especially valuable to medical professionals who wear radiation protection attire frequently.

Common Misconception: There is a common misconception that radiation exposure is always dangerous and should be avoided at all costs, even when necessary for medical procedures. However, the reality is that radiation exposure from medical x-rays is generally low and poses a minimal risk to patients. Additionally, the use of protective equipment such as the Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar can greatly reduce the risk of radiation exposure to specific areas of the body.

It’s important to remember that radiation exposure from medical procedures is carefully monitored and controlled. Medical professionals use the lowest possible dose of radiation necessary to obtain the needed medical information, and the benefits of the procedure typically outweigh the minimal risks associated with exposure. So the next time you find yourself in a medical setting where radiation is used, rest assured that the medical staff has taken all the necessary precautions to protect you from excessive exposure.

Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar Review

Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25' 0.5mm pb Protection Collar
Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25' 0.5mm pb Protection Collar offers optimal protection during medical, dental X-ray and mammography procedures. It is a functional and stylish accessory that stands out with its personalized embroidery.

The Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar is a personalized and functional accessory that offers optimal protection from radiation during medical, dental X-ray, and mammography procedures.

Manufacturer: Self-Reliant Medical is a reputable manufacturer in the field of radiology protection products. Established in 1991, they specialize in providing the highest quality radiation protection garments with their team of experienced professionals in textile engineering, design, and manufacturing.

The Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar is a personalized accessory designed for medical and dental practitioners to protect their neck and thyroid gland from radiation exposure during X-ray, CT, and mammography examinations. Made with 0.5mm lead equivalency, it offers optimal shielding efficiency while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable fit.

This thyroid collar is made with high-grade materials, such as ripstop, Kevlar, and polyester fabrics that provide durability and long-lasting use. The embroidered personalization option adds a stylish touch and makes it easy to identify your collar from others.


– Personalized embroidery: Customers can choose their own embroidery design with a maximum of two lines with 15 characters each.

– 0.5mm lead equivalency: This thyroid collar provides optimal protection from radiation during X-ray, CT, and mammography procedures.

– Durable materials: Made with ripstop, Kevlar, and polyester that ensures long-lasting use.

– Lightweight and comfortable fit: It has a perfect balance between shielding and flexibility.

– Universal size: One size fits all.

Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar offers more than just radiation protection. The personalized design makes it functional and unique, making it an excellent gift option for medical professionals.

Personal Experience from our readers:

1. “I have been using this thyroid collar for a few months now, and I love it! The personalized embroidery is such a fun touch, and it makes it easy to spot my collar from others. It’s also comfortable to wear, and I feel confident that it’s doing its job.”

2. “This thyroid collar is well-made and fits comfortably around my neck. I appreciate the option for personalized embroidery, and it has definitely made my work easier. I feel safer and more confident during procedures, and I recommend it to all of my colleagues.”

3. “I bought this thyroid collar for my daughter, who is a dental hygienist. She loves the personalized embroidery and how comfortable it is to wear. It’s also easy to clean and has held up well after repeated use. I’m glad I purchased this product, and I highly recommend it to others.”


– Personalized design

– 0.5mm lead equivalency ensures optimal protection

– Durable materials

– Lightweight and comfortable fit

– Universal size


– Limited embroidery customization

– Does not cover the entire chest area


Q: How often should I replace this thyroid collar?

A: We recommend replacing it every two years or as indicated by your medical facility’s safety practices.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Yes, it is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe.

Q: Will this thyroid collar fit all neck sizes?

A: Yes, this thyroid collar has a universal size that fits all neck sizes.

Protect Yourself in Style: The Top 5 Alternatives to the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield

As much as we love the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield, there are other options out there that can provide similar protection against radiation exposure. Here are the top 5 competitors that you might want to consider:

1. Z&Z Medical X-Ray Thyroid Collar – This product offers similar 0.5mm Pb protection, and is made of durable nylon or cordura for comfort and longevity.

2. Bisley Radiation Protection Thyroid Collar – Another great option with 0.5mm Pb protection, this collar is made with lead-free, lightweight materials and features an adjustable design for a perfect fit.

3. Burlington Medical Supplies Radiation Protection Thyroid Collar – This collar offers slightly higher levels of protection at 0.75mm Pb, and features a customizable design with a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from.

4. RadPAD® Radiation Protection Thyroid Shield – Though this option is slightly bulkier than the collar styles, the RadPAD® Shield offers the same 0.5mm Pb protection and a unique contoured design for optimal coverage and comfort.

5. Bar-Ray Classic Radiation Protection Thyroid Shield – For a classic, no-frills design, the Bar-Ray Shield is a great option with similar 0.5mm Pb protection and a lightweight, lead-free vinyl construction.

No matter which product you choose, the important thing is to prioritize your health and safety in any medical setting involving radiation exposure. These alternatives offer comparable protection to the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield, giving you peace of mind and style to boot.

Unlock the Secrets of Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar: What Else Do You Need to Know?

My Personal Journey with Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar.

As a dental hygienist, I am often exposed to radiation during procedures like X-rays and mammograms. While protecting my patients’ health is my primary goal, I have also begun to prioritize my own safety against radiation exposure. After doing some research, I discovered the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield 25′ 0.5mm pb Protection Collar and decided to invest in one.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the moment I put on the collar, I could feel the difference. It was comfortable to wear and provided an added layer of protection around my neck and thyroid. Not only did I feel safer, but I also felt a sense of empowerment knowing that I was taking steps to protect my own health.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was getting used to wearing the collar during procedures. It took some time to adjust to the feel of having an extra layer around my neck, but eventually, it became second nature. Now, I don’t even notice it’s there.

I’ve also found that the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield is a great conversation starter. Patients often ask me about it, and it gives me an opportunity to educate them about radiation exposure and the importance of protecting oneself.

Overall, using the Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield has been a positive experience for me. It provides me with a greater sense of control over my own health, and I have even recommended it to some of my colleagues. While everyone’s preferences may differ, I encourage others in the medical and dental fields to consider investing in a thyroid collar for added protection against radiation exposure. What about you? Do you have any personal experiences with radiation protection?

Here is a link to the brand website for Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield: Custom Embroidery Thyroid Shield. This website offers various types of radiation protection collars for medical, dental, and mammography purposes. The product page for the ASIN:B07W8W9N45 collar can be found on this website.